Cadiz Digital
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Cadiz Digital currently distributes the following record labels:

251 Records
360PR Music TV
360PR Music TV / Urban Life Unsigned
3Ms Music
84 Records
A LifeLong Recording
Acoustic Fusion Records
Acoustic Roots
Adasa Records
Ah! Bright Wings
AFM Records
AKR Records
Albino Recordings
Albino Two
Alcohol Music Inc
Alex Wilson Records
All Colours Arts
All Our Own Records
All The Madmen Records
Allotment Recordings
Amaris River
Amy Wadge Recordings
AngloCentric Recordings
Anhrefn Records
Animal Instinct
Another World Music
Antequera Records
Aoife Nic Cormaic Records
Arclite Recordings
Arival Records
ASP Records
Astral Fox Records
At The Helm Records
Audacious Records
Avalanche Party
Aveline Records
Awesome Records
Backshop Records
Bad Touch Records
Bahla Records
Balancing Act Records
Balkanworlds Records
Banshee Records
Bantz Records
Battered Hat Records
BB Records
Beakerbox Records
Beezer Records
Bermondsey Joyriders
Big Music International
Big Red Radio Records
Black Spyda Records
Blooze Records
Blue Chameleon
Blue Sun Rising
Blueblood Records
BMB Records UK
Bomb Factory
Boomtickboomboom Records
Bootleg Youth
Brick City
Broadkast Music Inc
Broke Recordings
BU24 Recordings
Buie Records
Bumstead Recording Company
Bunting Records
Buzzsaw Records
Cadiz Recording Co
CambayŠ Records/Brand New Music
Camcor Recording
CBM International
Cedar Mountain Music
Chanoyu Records
Chase The Ace
Chi Wara Music
Chloe Productions
Chuzpah Records
Ciyo Groove Music
Clubhouse Records
Collective Records
Combat Records
Concave Music
Concept Music
Coney Island Discs
Copperfish Records
Cote Basque
Crow Valley Music
Cult Jam Records
Cut Records
Danni Nicholls Music
Deck Cheese Records
Deep Recording Company
Defenders Ent
Del Mundo
Deluxe Corporation
Desperate Measures Records
Devil's Blade Records
Diesel Motor Records
Dimlo Productions
Dirty Rogue Records
Distort Boy
Disturbing London Records
DL Records
DivaDoll Records
dm Records
Domestico Records
Dreaming Element Records
Dreamy Bird
Dry Heave Records
Duster Records
E&E Entertainment
E2 Music
Earliest Records
Earthworm Music
Eildon Records
Electric Label
Elementary Entertainment
Empty Records
Energy Snake
England Street
Equilateral Records
Eslamaphobic Music
Eye Dog Eye Records
Fab Tone Records
The Face Musical Productions Label
Fat Shark
Fatdan Productions
Fatman Records
Feed That Baby Records
Flatfish Records
FlavourCrave Records
Food Chain Records
Fresh Ground Records
From The Top Records
Furrow Records
Future Star Records
G&R London
Gadgemo Records
GEM Music
Georgia Shackleton Trio
Gess Productions
Gift Of The Gab
Golden Boyz
Golden Records
Golden Stool
Goldmaster Allstars Meets Youthman International Music
Goldmaster Records
Goldphone Recordings
Greasy Noise
Green Lizard
Gruff Wit Records / Lickety-Splat
Gutter Strut Recordings
Gypsy Hotel Records
H Elton Concerts
Halo Recordings
Ham-Bone Records
Handmade Music
Harbinger Sound
Hargan Skull Records
The Haymaker Recording Company
Heroic Records
High Coin
High Power Music
Hi-Phi Music
HMI Records
Hobgoblin Records
Holy Wreckords
House Of Mercy Records
Hypermania Music Company
i2 Recordings
Icon Distribution Inc
IGG Music
Imperial Leisure
Imprint Of Quality
Infinisong Records
Infinite Music
Interrupto Music
Irresponsible Recordings
Jackson Heights Music
Jedbrah Music
Jiggymethingy Records
Jim Jam Records
Joesoap Records
July Moon Records
Jump Steady
Just Bounce Records
Kaiserlich Koeniglich
Kevin Wallace Music
Kila Records
King Mob Recordings
KJ Recordings
KJ Records
KNM Records
KOEF Music
Kookooland Records
Krescendo Records
Lennox Audio
Leopard Records
Liberation Works
Lickety-Splat Music
Lime Records
Lonesome Town Records
Loop Records
Lost Moment Records
Lotus Arts Box
Lounge Records
Love Minus Zero
Lovechild Music
Low Vinyl Records
Luminoso Records
Lunar Dunes
Lyte Records
Magic Box
Majestic Rock
Malinky Music
Man From The Hill Team
Manville Records
Marc Downer
Mausoleum Records
MBM Music
Medicine Jar
Mee Music
Mega Street Sounds
MGP Records
The Mighty BossCats
Mini Kingz
Miriam Jones Music
MITA Records
MK Vibe Records
Modern English Recordings
Mollusc Records
Mono Del Mundo
Monkeywood Records
Monsoon Music
Mother Jinx Records
Mother Tongue
Motty's Sheepskin
Mr Bongo Records
MrBenidorm Records
Mule Satellite Recordings
My Passion Records
Nassau Royal Records
NDN Records
Nel Music
New Liberty Records
NIAG Records
Nick Duffy
Nite Knights Productions
No More Egos
Nortee Records
November Tenth Records
Nugene Records
Number One Records
Obi Records
Occupation Records
Odd Art Records
Oil City Discs
Once Bitten Records
One Louder
One Root Music
One Thirty Four Records
OP Records
Osmosys Records
Ourgate Records
Overground Records
Paper Label Records
Paper Plane Records
Party House Records
Pathway Records
Penitentiary Records
Piano Challenge
Pigskin Records
Plasterer Records
Polfrey Music
POV Records
Premier Records
ProgBlues Music
Provocateur Records
Public Demand
Pulse Rated
Pure Play Music
Pure Records
PVW Records
RabbleRouser Music
RAJ Records
Random Acts Of Vinyl
The Raw Edges of Passion
Real Smooth Recordings
Rebel Music Records
Released Emotions
Rent A Crowd Recordings
Rian Records
Righteous Babe Records
Riot Jazz Records
RKA Records
Round & Round Records
Roundhill Music
Roxbro Records
Royal Flush
RRed Chord Records
RT Entz
Run The City Records
Saltfish Records
Science Friction
SE13 Records
Self Made Records
Sential Recordings
SF Records
Shabby Toad Records
Shadowside Records
Shakewell Records
Shark City Records
Shift Records
Shoeshine Records
Silent Pocket Records
Sinnersville Records
Sixtwelve Music
Sizzle Records
Skamadillo Records
Sleeveless Records
Smash Corporation
Sniffin Glue Records
Snowy White
Sofa Records
SoFF Music
Song Dog Music
Sordid Soup Records
SoSumi Recordings
Sound Discs
Sound of Jura
Soundblitz Records
South Souldiers
Sparky Recordings
SPD Management
Speakeasy Recordings
Spit & Polish
Spliff Richard Records
Stan Boardman
Star Frequency
Statuette Media
Steady On Records
Straight Talkin' Records
Strath Records
Step-1 Music
Stump Nugget Records
Stunt Dog Records
Submarine Cat Records
Summit Music
Sumthing Else Music Works
Suncycle Digital
Sunlightsquare Records
Surface Noise Recordings
Swashbuckler Enterprises
Sweeney Records
Sweet Benfica
TCR Music
Tea Pad Recordings
Temple Records
Ten Past Ten Records
Ten Past Twelve Records
Tenza Music Digital
Terrapin Records
Texit Music
They Call Me
Three Hands Records
Thumbpick Records
Top End Records
Topstar Music
Trackside Records
Trigo Records
Trinkie Records
Triumphant Sound
Turning Point Recording Org
TVP Records
Unborn Records
Union Music Store
United Producers Records
Unroofed Records
Unstable Label
Urban Sedated Records
Usurp Records
Velvet Records
Venemous Music
Ventilation Records
Village Life
Vintage Voice Records
Vula Viel Records
Wag Records
Wah Wah Club
We Make Ent
Westbrook Records
White Knuckle Records
Wicker Records
Wilderland Records
Wilson Brothers Music
WMC Records
Wooden Records
WTD ! Production
Wurly Music
XA Music
Xpression Records
The Yardbirds
Yat Recordings
Yeah Like Yeah Records
Yes Records
YTO Records
Zone Records
ZY Records